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The National Park Hospitality Association (NPHA) is the only national organization representing park concessioners.  Members are officially recognized National Park Service concessioners. NPHA members are exclusively approved to provide lodging, food services, gifts and souvenirs, equipment rentals, transportation and other visitor services in the National Park System.

The concessioners serve some 100 million park visitors annually in approximately 160 park units. NPHA members have a combined workforce of nearly 25,000 persons and provide in excess of $1 billion in goods and services to visitors annually. Concessioner marketing and promotion efforts total more than $10 million, and are coordinated with the marketing and promotion efforts of state and gateway communities that equal that amount.

There is growing public awareness that the Centennial of the National Park Service is approaching in 2016 – and that awareness is bringing along with it new excitement about visiting parks.  We are committed to reversing the steady decline in park visitors which threatens our  industry. Concessioners play a central role in protecting our parks and helping them benefit America’s families and communities. 

 We have a range of programs and services that will benefit you and every other business operating in national parks. We meet regularily with Washington leaders, working with the U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Park Service to combine our energies to deliver great experiences to visitors – and encourage visitation to parks.

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The services to members include meetings, conference calls and online initiatives to help you understand and manage the challenges you face – from demands such as new electronic reporting requirements to implementing and benefiting from guest donation programs, from environmental compliance to requirements that seem to come out of thin air – like new requirements for active use of dollar coins. As a member, you’ll have special new resources through our greatly expanded website – including free access to the outstanding, biweekly Federal Parks and Recreation newsletter. We look forward to serving you. Fill out the membership application and return it to us today. You’ll then begin getting regular reports on changes in concession policies and on efforts to make national parks a big part of the 21st Century American lifestyle. 

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